Hello lovely people! I’m back to this lovely space with an extremely amazing experience with this amazing brand Inatur Herbals. 

The brand from the very start has been very honest, caring and result oriented. They believe there is no cosmetic alternative to natural beauty and everything nature gives us, can be tapped in a certain way so as to utilise them for our betterment.

Since I have an extremely sensitive and acne prone skin, I tried using their Oil control face wash and a sun spray with SPF 30.

Cleansing your skin is an important daily ritual that has to be followed religiously to remove excess oil, dust, persipiration, makeup and allow the skin to have some breathing space.

Their facewash is enriched with Neem (has anti-bacterial properties, controlling acne and pimples) , clove oil (prevents acne and kills infections), Basil (detoxifies skin and prevents blackheads),miliglobules (that promote gentle exfoliation) and teatree oil, Turmeric and vitamin E acetate. 

Everything so natural and healthy for skin! 

Coming to the protection of my sensitive skin and my modt favourite product from Inatur, their sunscreen! 

Inatur’s sun spray SPF 30 is an organic mineral aqueous system that ensures very high protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Most importantly it is light, oil free and is excellent for sensitive and delicate skin of babies.

 It is enriched with carrot extracts, (which helps in repairing tissues and protects skin from UV rays and heals sunburns) honey extract (full of antioxidants, that helps to slow down ageing, moisturises the skin and boosts complexion and healthy glow), Aloe Vera (prevents skin ageing and treats sunburn) and Bergamot oil (a restorative skin toner).

You can check out their products at 

You can also visit their store at –

•DLF place, Saket.

•Logix mall,noida. 

• Pacific mall, subhash nagar

• khan market

• Mall of india, noida

• Phoenix market city mall, Mumbai

Let me know if you try and like the products. You can catch me up at my Instagram (bhoomikapachauri) or send me your doubts at

Till then, love yaa ❤️

Bhoomika Pachauri
Photography– Armaan Malhotra ( Instagram: armaan_malhotra_photoworks)


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